This is Me

I’m a regular-degular 28-year-old girl from Jamaica, who just happens to be living with Type 1 Diabetes. Problem is, I’m also a chronic and incurable foodie. People usually assume that the hardest part of my life is having to inject myself with insulin every day. Nothing could be further from the truth. Reining in my raging inner foodie is where the challenge starts and never ends. 

So, basically, my daily life is a struggle trying to balance my blood sugars with my cravings for delicious carb-filled indulgences. Every day is filled with highs-and-lows, diabetical recipe adaptations, and an infinite (often failed) pursuit of fitness. I take insulin religiously, and my fingertips look like a battleground of finger pricks. But I still suffer from unexpected lows during my (often) hectic 9-5, and spend sleepless nights trying to fight off the excruciating muscle cramps that come with high blood sugars.

I’m hoping that this blog will help me to find others toting lazy pancreases like mine – and that we can help each other to find a balance that allows us to live the sweet life. Maybe one day there will be a cure, and we can finally be over with these unpredictable highs and lows. I started this blog to see if I could use my journey to help someone else, and also to see if I get can some help for myself while I’m at it. 

I’ll share my diabetic-friendly recipes (which I dream up all day, every day), exercise routines and daily struggles/solutions, and I look forward to hearing from you too. So if you can relate or help, let’s connect.

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