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How to practise Diabetes ‘Awareness’

My life is spent in a state of constant hyper-awareness, thanks to an autoimmune disease which changes course daily. From calculating insulin dosages, to making a million decisions about what to eat, when to eat, how long of a walk I can take, which alarms to set in the night so I can wake up and have a snack so that I don’t get carried away by the sandman on an unexpected wave of hypoglycemia…

Sweet Nothings and other Sugar-coated Myths

Here are five of the myths that every Type 1 Diabetic really hates – and more importantly, what the truth actually looks like…

Three of my favourite anytime-omelette recipes

Whether its merely a component in a bigger dish, or its the dish itself, an omelette for me is manna – a complete dish that is so versatile you’ll never get tired of it. At least, let me speak for myself.